2023 Harrisburg Jazz Walk

Jazz Walk was held on Friday, September 8, 2023, 6-9 pm
at Locations across Midtown Harrisburg. 

Presented in partnership with Dauphin County Parks & Recreation as part of the Dauphin County Jazz and Wine Festival

Thank you to our generous sponsors!
Dauphin County Community & Economic Development 

Kristen Olewine Milke, Rich Wengert, and A Friend

2023 Participating Venues & Musicians
Artist and venue location subject to change.

Broad Street Market 
1233 N. 3rd Street
Joshua Davis' Love Salad (Annabelle Smart - voice, Jonathan Epley - guitar, Kevin Lowe - drums, Joshua Davis - bass)

1500 N. 6th Street
Dvon Cruse Quartet (Dvon - piano, Avery Hymon - bass, Gavin Horning - guitar, Selara Man III - drums) 

Historic Harrisburg Association
1230 N. 3rd Street
Hassan Shakur with Chuck & Robert Redd (bass, vibes & keyboard)
Midtown Cinema - Zeroday Outpost
250 Reily Street
Luca Savarino Quartet (Luca Savarino - sax, Joseph LaMarca - bass, Same Hale - piano, Jeff Stabley - drums)

340 Verbeke Street - Reservations suggested 
Tim Thompson Quartet (Tim Thompson - trumpet, Kirk Reese - piano, Ryan Kuhns - bass, Mark Hunsberger - drums)

Pursuit Coworking
922 N. 3rd Street
Larry Marshall Trio (Larry Marshall - drums, Justin Morel - guitar, Steve Meashey - bass)

Susquehanna Art Museum 
1401 N. 3rd Street
Steve Rudolph & Jonathan Ragonese (piano & sax)


920 N. 3rd Street
Peter Paulsen & Ron Stabinsky (bass & piano) 

263 Reily Street 
Paul Colombo Trio (Paul Colombo - guitar, Dave Santana - drums, John Gingerich - bass)

1110 N. 3rd Street
Ben Mauger's Vintage Jazz Band (Ben Mauger - trumpet, Bob Peruzzi - trombone, Chris Heslop - reeds, Bob Krietz - piano, Tom Hilliker - bass, Doug Kulp - drums)
Midtown Scholar
1302 N. 3rd Street 
Ken Jankura Trio (Ken Jankura - voice/upright bass, Ben Kennedy - piano & voice, Bret Crawford - saxophones) 

Nyeusi Gallery
1224 N. 3rd Street
Ross Mounds Trio featuring Carlos Washington (Ross - keyboard and vocal, Carlos - drums)

Sturges Speakeasy
400 Forster Street - Mark Ryan Duo  ( Mark Ryan - guitar, Ben Ninmann - keyboard)

Zeroday Brewing Co.  
925 N. 3rd Street - Flagship Taproom
Ryan Kauffman Trio (Ryan Kauffman - sax/flute, Jason Hollar - bass, Fred Hughes - piano)



Want to keep up on news about the Jazz Walk?

We'll keep you updated as new venues are added, special food and drink items are announced, and the musician lineup is set.