Central PA Friends of Jazz Hall of Fame

CPFJ Hall of Fame Inductees:

1992:   Albert Murray (author and friend of CPFJ)  Ira Sullivan (muilti-insturmentalist and friend of CPFJ)

1993: Joe Intrieri (Executive Director CPFJ)

1994:  Sam Banks (Central PA drummer)  Bill Martin (photographer)  Frank Scott (Central PA saxophonist) Russ Sumpman (Central PA trombonist)  Ron Waters (Central PA trumpeter/CPFJ Youth Band Director)  Willie Wollenhaupt (Central PA pianist)

1995: Steve Bagby (drummer and friend of CPFJ)  Reuben Brown (pianist and friend of CPFJ)  Jim Lawson (Owner of Lawson's Palace)  Robert Matthews (CPFJ Board Member)  Reuel Ryman (Central PA pianist)

1998:  Helen Moore (Lucky 7 proprietor)

2000:  Al Grey (trombonist and friend of CPFJ)  Vernon Welsh (CPFJ Board Member)  Russ Neff (CPFJ Board Member and Founder)  Jack Snavely (CPFJ Board Member and Founder)  Lee Swartz (CPFJ Board Member and Founder)  Steve Rudolph (pianist and Founder of CPFJ)

2001:    Rufus Reid (bassistand friend of CPFJ)  Evelyn O Phoenix (loyal volunteer) Kathy Rickert (CPFJ Board Secretary and Historian)    Keith Thomas (CPFJ Board Vice President)

2002:  Cal Collins (guitaristand friend of CPFJ)  Steve Patton (CPFJ Board Member & Music Chairman)

2003:  Jimmy Wood (Central PA pianist)  Ray Brown (bassist)

2004"  Frank Paul (CPFJ Board Member)  Bunny Hottenstein (loyal volunteer)  Elvin Jones (drummer and friend of CPFJ)  Jimmy Heath (saxophonist and friend of CPFJ)

2005:   Percy Heath (bassist and friend of CPFJ )   Joe Diorio (guitarist and friend of CPFJ) Mike Binsky (CPFJ supporter)

2006:     Johnny Frigo (violinist & friend of CPFJ)    John Hicks  (pianist & friend of CPFJ)  Valery Ponomarev (trumpeter and friend of CPFJ)   Wilma Soliday (loyal volunteer)

2007:   Clark Terry (trumpeter and friend of CPFJ)   Michael Brecker (saxophonist & friend of CPFJ )  Don Sendi  (Board member and loyal volunteer)   Rosemary Light ( loyal volunteer)  Dave Lazorcik (Exec. Dir. & loyal volunteer)

 2008:   Dennis Irwin (bassist and friend of CPFJ )   Dave Liebman (saxophonist & friend of CPFJ)   Tim Warfield (central PA saxophonist & Artistic Director of CPFJ)   Chris Santiago (Central PA drummer)   John Weldon Scott (Board member and loyal volunteer)      Joanne Thomas ( Board member & loyal volunteer)

2010:   Cathy Chemi Stine (Central PA vocalist )   Anita O'Day (vocalist and friend of CPFJ)

2011:   Jim Miller (Board member & Cent. PA bassist )  Katie Rudolph (Central PA pianist)   Tom Strohman (Central PA saxophonist/educator)

 2018:  Ann Herman  (Central PA organist/jazz fan)    Hall of Fame Award given to Ann Herman at the Oct 14th during a CPFJ Concert in the Susquehanna Art Museum just prior to her 97th birthday.